The best ways to train the serratus anterior muscle

The best ways to train the serratus anterior muscle

If you are really serious about your strength training, you need to know him: The serratus anterior muscle. He contributes significantly to a well-defined body silhouette. And that both with and without a T-shirt. Let’s take a closer look at this muscle. It’s worth it.

The serratus anterior muscle shows your fitness level

Many fitness enthusiasts have a favorite muscle. According to surveys, this is either the biceps or the chest muscles among men. On the other hand, women like a flat stomach and a well-defined buttock. They train these areas full of dedication, and that’s fine. But among the 650 muscles of the human body, there are also those silent heroes. Most of whom you don’t even know their names. One of them is the serratus anterior muscle.

This muscle has a special reputation

It owes its name to its particular shape. It belongs to the skeletal musculature of the trunk and to the rear group of the chest and shoulder girdle muscles. Large parts of the serratus are covered by the chest muscles. But there is also a visible part. It can be found on the side of the abdomen and actually makes quite a difference when it is visible. Arnold Schwarzenegger has said that you can only call yourself a bodybuilder when the saw muscle is clearly visible. It is mainly well developed with boxers. But that is not surprising because he is almost constantly in use in this sport.

Serratus anterior muscle (Video: Canva)

The serratus anterior muscle supports breathing

Anatomists divide the muscle into upper, middle, and lower parts. They all have the task of moving the shoulder blade by pulling it towards the body or pushing it away from the body. For example, moving the arm upwards or backward towards the back would not be possible without the serratus anterior. It is also an important respiratory muscle. It supports inhalation by lifting the ribs.

Best exercises for the serratus anterior muscle

Fortunately, it is not difficult to train the serratus anterior muscle. If you train your pectoral muscles regularly, you always have to tense them. Good exercises are push-ups and bench presses on the incline bench. But if you want to build it up precisely, you have to regularly do pullovers with dumbbells or barbells. Here are some excellent exercises:

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