Berries are the perfect fitness food

Berries are the perfect fitness food

Hardly any other medicine can match the beneficial effects of tasty fruits. Researchers have discovered almost 100,000 healthy ingredients in fruit so far. Not only do they protect against many diseases, but they also keep us in top physical shape. Delicious berries, in particular, are the perfect fitness food and should be on the menu regularly.

Berries and their great ingredients

Micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and trace elements are the best life insurance for our 70 trillion body cells. And it is precisely these that are contained in berries in a perfect combination. They are genuinely multi-talented and vastly superior to pure chemical products. Here are the tasty bodyguards you should try to get hold of more often.

Strawberries are real all-rounders

Strawberries activate exactly those enzymes that our body needs for fat burning. They are, therefore, ideal companions for every fitness program. Large quantities of manganese in popular fruits make this possible. The super mineral boosts fat burning, detoxifies the cells, breaks down uric acid deposits, and flushes excess water out of the tissue. Manganese also has a positive influence on the cholesterol level. It also contained ellagic acid. In a study published two years ago, this ingredient proved to be a highly effective fat burner. Also, strawberries contain more vitamin C than lemon and more iron than beetroot. Both elements strengthen the immune system. The defense cells use the iron to fight bacteria and viruses more effectively, and the vitamin C catches free radicals.

Raspberries make the blood flow better

They contain a lot of fiber, clean the intestines, bind toxins, and promote digestion. They can create a balance among the many billions of bacteria in the gut. Just one portion of 150 grams is enough for this. Like strawberries, they contain the fat burner ellagic acid, and large amounts of vitamin C. Unique is the high content of kaempferol. That is a bioactive substance that makes the blood flow better and thus increases the body’s performance. By the way, it also lowers too high a cholesterol level. Besides, anthocyanin, a red plant pigment, increases the basal metabolic rate and regulates the insulin level via the hormone leptin.

Blueberries strengthen the blood vessels

These fruits contain a perfectly balanced health cocktail of vitamins, fruit acids, minerals, flavonoids, tanning agents, and keratin. The last one is particular substances that support the immune system and protect the body cells from bacteria and free radicals. Like raspberries, blueberries also contain the red pigment anthocyanin, which increases the basal metabolic rate. A US study has shown that blueberries’ consumption significantly improves the regenerative capacity of previously stressed muscle groups. In other words: they are the ideal fitness food. They also strengthen the blood vessels and strengthen the heart and, therefore, a positive influence on endurance performance. They also have a positive impact on blood sugar and cholesterol levels. So far, there is no other drug with a similarly broad spectrum of materials.

Berries like blueberries
Blueberries have a positive influence on the muscles (©adpic)

Blackberries seal the vessel walls

They are great anti-stress food. Blackberries contain an optimal combination of abundant vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, flavones, phenolic acids, and the highest ellagic acid of all berries. That makes them the perfect nerve food. They also lower high blood pressure, strengthen the bones, and normalize the transmission of nerve impulses. The flavones seal the vessel walls, blood can flow better, and this increases performance. Athletes also benefit from high calcium content. It ensures strong bones and improves the transmission of stimuli between the nervous and muscular systems.

Currants tighten the connective tissue

Whether red or black, they have a very high vitamin C content. That is not only good for the immune system; vitamin C also stabilizes the lower skin layers and thus tightens the connective tissue. That makes the skin more elastic, prevents wrinkles and cellulite, and makes muscles appear more clearly. Furthermore, currants with their numerous fibers vitalize the intestines and bring the intestinal flora into balance. An optimally balanced quartet of vital substances from vitamins A, C, E, and iron intercepts free radicals. The anthocyanins, which are also contained, stimulate the primary metabolism. Currants can draw excess fat from the fat cells.

Currants are very healthy berries
Currants are berries that boost the metabolism (©adpic)

Gooseberries increase the basal metabolic rate

They are not only delicious, but they also pamper us with high vitamin and mineral content. Gooseberries contain a lot of vitamin C (good for the immune system), calcium (for healthy bones and teeth as well as for the stability of the cell walls and to support muscle work), and potassium (helps the heart during sporting activities). They also contain large amounts of pectin (lowers cholesterol levels), flavonoids (protect against free radicals), anthocyanins (ensure a higher basal metabolic rate), and silicon (important trace element for strengthening blood vessels and connective tissue).

Even frozen berries are very healthy

Frozen berries are quite equal to their fresh representatives. Harvested at the peak of ripeness and then shock-frozen, all the healthy ingredients are preserved. They are best defrosted overnight on a tray in the refrigerator. If you want it to go faster, you can of course also do it at room temperature. But then you should cover them. Necessary: Drain the condensation water, it is an ideal breeding ground for germs. Frozen berries have a shelf life of about 15 months in the freezer. If you see white or reddish-brown discoloration, throw them away. Not yet wholly thawed, they are perfect for shakes or smoothies.

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