How bad are cracking joints during workouts?

How bad are cracking joints during workouts?

They are noises that many know from their own experience. With some movements, they can even be quite loud. But do I need to worry if my joints are cracking and popping when I’m exercising? As long as it doesn’t hurt, probably not. But you should know a few things about cracking joints.

What causes cracking joints?

Medicine can scan the body with millimeter precision using modern equipment, but how cracking joints occur is still not fully understood. There are only theories: One says that joint surfaces separate from each other during some movements, making sounds similar to suction cups being pulled off. Another view is that the joint fluid changes its aggregate state for an ultra-short time. Bubbles are formed until the joint surfaces come together again, making noise.

No pain, no worries

Despite the unexplained cause of cracking joints, orthopedists agree: No matter how loud it pops, if it doesn’t hurt, there’s no danger to your health. It is also often the case that the noises subside during a workout. In general, regular exercise is the best way to prevent possible problems with the joints. This is especially true for the shoulder, which is particularly susceptible to cracking.

When do I have to worry?

Well, the answer is obvious: if your joints crack and you feel pain, something is probably wrong. According to orthopedists, this can have several reasons:

  • It could be that your muscles are not strong enough to stabilize the joint. For example, maybe you work with too high weights or train with too high a load.
  • However, it is also possible that a muscular imbalance or a shortened muscle is your problem. A qualified orthopedist, sports physician or physiotherapist can quickly determine this.

Regular training as optimal protection

As I said, if the joints crack but don’t cause pain, you don’t have to worry. So to keep it that way, here are two more tips:

  • Exercise is the best thing you can do for your body. However, the load during the workout should correspond to your individual capabilities.
  • It is important to train regularly, using all muscle groups. To prevent muscular imbalances, you should not only train the chocolate side.

Note: I have researched this post thoroughly, but of course it cannot replace a visit to the doctor.

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