How effective is the 7-minute workout for fitness?

How effective is the 7-minute workout for fitness?

When the famous New York Times first introduced the 7-Minute workout a few years ago, it triggered a worldwide boom. Just seven minutes was said to be enough to get us fit all around. Studies then showed that you can achieve quite a bit with the express workout. But it’s not a magic bullet.

This is how the 7-minute workout works

The 7-minute workout is high-intensity interval training, or HIIT for short. It consists of 12 exercises of 30 seconds each. Between the exercises, you have a 10-second break. You work exclusively with your own body weight as resistance. However, you need a sturdy stool or bench and a wall to lean against for two of the exercises.

7-minute workout

What are the benefits of the 7-minute workout?

A study published in 2017 showed that it is best for improving cardiovascular and muscular fitness. It also helps you lose weight. This is mainly due to the after-burn effect, also called the after-burn effect. Even hours after this short workout, the body burns more calories. Even when you’re lazing on the couch.

This is what the real 7-minute workout looks like

However, the otherwise reputable New York Times failed to mention that this is not a 7-minute workout at all. Instead, the inventors wanted you to repeat this workout two or three times in a row. And that really gets to the substance. Anyone who has already tried it knows what I’m talking about. Even one run is a real challenge.

Not suitable for beginners at first

The original 7-minute workout is therefore not suitable for beginners at first. The strain on the body is too great. The authors of the study mentioned above also point this out. Most likely, the strength to perform the individual exercises correctly is also lacking. Therefore, it is advisable to first build up a specific foundation. Then, if you train regularly for six to eight weeks, you can give it a try. According to studies, heart patients and diabetics should also benefit from it. However, this is very important: Please get the okay from your doctor first!

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