The best strategies for successful training

The best strategies for successful training

Anyone who trains regularly naturally wants to see success. At some point, most athletes reach the point where they ask themselves: “Am I actually training successfully? Or are my sweaty efforts counterproductive?” Fortunately, this can be checked with simple means. Plus, the best strategies for successful training.

Training successes last a few weeks

To be able to classify successful training, some basic things have to be considered first. In the first place are, of course, the goals you are pursuing. Some work on your endurance, others want to gain larger muscle groups, others want to lose weight. But your current fitness level is just as important. Everyone must know that it can take several weeks before, for example, your strength levels improve significantly. With beginners, it usually happens a bit faster than with already well-trained athletes.

Beginners should pay attention to these points

Beginners who train regularly at least three times a week can measure their success by the following points:

  • If you train your muscles regularly, you should either do more repetitions with the same weight or higher weight.
  • If you train your endurance, you should be able to run the same distance faster than at the beginning of the training or be able to cover a more extended range.
  • You should be able to do more repetitions or work with higher resistance when doing HIIT training.
  • You should feel less tired and less exhausted after your training program. Also, your clothing should feel looser.
  • You should have more energy, not only during training but also in everyday life.
  • Your hips and waist should feel slimmer and firmer.

If this is not the case with you, you are most likely doing something wrong. Either you’re pushing yourself too hard, or the stimuli are too low. Extra tip for anyone who is training to lose weight: Muscles are more massive than fat. What this is all about is right here.

New stimuli for successful training
For successful training you must always set new stimuli (©adpic)

Successful training – tips for well-trained athletes

Even with athletes who have been training regularly for a long time, it can, of course, happen that it does not go ahead. This is called a plateau. It’s even worse when performance not only stagnates but also deteriorates. Whoever wants to get back on the road to success should definitely set new stimuli.

How to set new stimuli during weight training

  • In strength training, it may be enough to change the order of the exercises.
  • Even better are completely new exercises that use muscles that you may have neglected in the past.
  • Instead of using dumbbells, you can do your training with kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine balls, or cable pulleys.
  • Make your training more challenging by standing on an unstable surface or by bench pressing on a large fitness ball.
  • With the HIIT, you can also integrate completely new exercises into your program.

How to set new stimuli during endurance training

  • Here too you should rely on variety.
  • Run your usual route the other way round or look for a completely new course.
  • You can intensify your training by running uphill or downstairs.
  • Runners can also enjoy cycling, swimming, or inline skating. If there is snow, cross-country skiing is a great alternative.
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