Weight loss – are muscles heavier than fat?

Weight loss – are muscles heavier than fat?

Strength training is considered to be an effective way to lose weight. Because a plus of muscles is able to burn significantly more fat. But if you start to build up muscles, it is possible that the scales will still go up a few weeks later. The reason: muscles are heavier than fat. But is that true?

The density makes the difference

First of all: A kilo of fat is of course just as much as a kilo of muscles. To clarify the question, it is important to look at the whole thing in context: When comparing fat mass and muscle mass, it is not about weight, but about the difference in density between the two types of tissue. The muscle is denser and weighs more per unit volume compared to fat. In other words, muscle takes up less space overall than fat. That’s why you may look slimmer and fitter when looking in the mirror, but not necessarily on the scales.

Only strength training can counteract muscle loss

Of course, the reverse is also possible. For muscular people who stop exercising, the scale will not show more for a period of time. But that should not hide the fact that most people then have to carry more body fat around with them. And unfortunately, the muscle loss due to inactivity goes very quickly. In addition, if you do nothing about it, the muscle loss increases with age. Strength training twice a week for 30 minutes can counteract this.

A plus of muscles has many positive effects

It is probably not even necessary to list the benefits of regular muscle training on this blog. But of course, I do it anyway: Muscles make for a slimmer and more athletic physique. They stimulate the metabolism and burn significantly more calories, even at rest. More muscle mass goes hand in hand with lower insulin resistance. The skeletal muscle can absorb additional glucose. And also very important: Muscles improve our mobility and support every physical activity. Here, here and here you will find many valuable tips for a successful strength training

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