Why a Fitness Challenge is not always a good idea

Why a Fitness Challenge is not always a good idea

They are always around, and they are spreading at breakneck speed through social media. One fitness challenge is to keep planks as long as possible. Another is to train for a six-pack in 30 days or run a marathon. But it is not always a good idea to take part.

Do not be fooled by great photos

Of course, it looks impressive: Photos of attractive women and men posing their impressive abdominal muscles are a feast for the eyes. But remember the same shot two or three weeks later, but then it should look completely different. Because just for this one perfect exception, the protagonists have chastised and trained hard for 30 days during a fitness challenge. Why is this not recommended for everyone to imitate? Here are the arguments:

A high risk of injury

A fitness challenge is often associated with a great challenge for the body. For beginners and sporty re-starters, it is, therefore, unsuitable in most cases. Much too quickly, they are overtaxed and risk injury. Anyone wishing to take part in a challenge should therefore take their individual fitness level into account. If you have never run more than 5 kilometers, you will not run a marathon 30 days later. And those who only manage 10 or 12 push-ups with difficulty will not manage 100 push-ups in a short time.

A hight health risk

Many challenges are only successful if you follow a strict diet in addition to the physical strain. Especially when it comes to defined muscles. But the combination of a strict diet and hard training can quickly lead to nutrient deficiencies. If you eat too few calories or the wrong calories, your body’s ability to repair itself from workout to workout is affected. This not only increases the risk of injury. In extreme cases, the heart, bones, gastrointestinal and hormone systems can suffer. Mood swings are also possible. And a warning signal for women can be an abnormal menstrual cycle.

push-ups Fitness-challenge
Doing 100 push-ups is a popular fitness challenge (©adpic)

You should think about this

If you want to take part in a Fitness Challenge, you should think about the following things and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I do this? Psychologists warn: If your motivation is to change looks and feelings, a challenge is not the right thing for you. If you think that a specific look will change your life or lead to a better partnership, you are usually mistaken. The Fitness-Challenge should suit you and your individual capabilities.
  • Do I really want that? You should definitely think about this question. Often it is friends who persuade you to participate. Or it is a social aspect. Nevertheless: If you hate what the Challenge requires, you should instead not take part. If it’s about a social aspect, you might be able to choose a goal that you enjoy on the way there.

It is okay to cancel the Fitness-Challenge

If you decide to take a fitness challenge, you need to know that there are good and bad days. But the good days should definitely outweigh the bad. If more than 5 days do not go well, it is okay and advisable not to continue. And very important: In the case of a challenging challenge, it can make sense to consult a doctor in advance. Let them clarify whether the stress is harmless to your health.

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