Does immune-boosting really work or not?

Does immune-boosting really work or not?

Boost the immune system is a big topic not only in these strange times. So many super-fit-looking people post their experiences on social media. But is too much of a good thing perfect for you and your body? Does immune-boosting really work?

How our immune system works

Like so many things in our body, our immune system has a highly complex structure. It always functions best when an infinite number of signals and reactions work together perfectly. Then pathogens have little or no chance. Ideally, this defense mechanism runs secretly. So we don’t notice anything. But in the case of a cold, a flu-like infection, the actual flu, and now, unfortunately, also Corona, one can feel endlessly weak and ill. This is then a sign that your immune system is trying everything to make you healthy again.

Does immune-boosting strengthen our immune system?

The idea of strengthening the immune system through immune-boosting is, of course, tempting. And there are many ways to do that. First and foremost, anyone can enhance their immune system with a healthy diet. Moderate exercise, sauna, walking in the fresh air, and much more ist also proven to strengthen the immune system. However, many people also swear by so-called immune boosters. So quasi a surplus of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. But as tempting as this idea is: Unfortunately, it is not easy to adjust the ingredients to benefit the immune system.

The immune system is complex

Despite all the progress made in research, scientists have still not wholly deciphered the complicated processes of the immune system. For example, in a scientific study involving 210 subjects, no correlation between lifestyle changes and improved immune function could be demonstrated. The problem: There are many different types of cells in the immune system, and they react differently to various microbes. Knowing which cells to support now and in what situation is highly complicated. What science knows:

  • Our body constantly produces immune cells, including more white blood cells than it needs.
  • The extra cells naturally remove themselves through apoptosis or cell death.
  • There is still no definitive answer which measure is ideal to optimally support the immune system.

Immune-boosting with these proven measures

Not just the immune system, but every part of your body functions better with healthy living strategies. Proven to help:

Immune-boosting is effective with these seven measures

Nutrition as the perfect immune boosting

First of all, there is still no magic pill or one food that you can use to push your immune system to its best. That’s why it probably makes the most sense to focus on what you can control. And that is, first and foremost, your diet. Ideally, protein-rich foods from lean animal and plant sources and colorful fruits and vegetables should be on your daily menu plan. They provide precisely the substances your body needs.

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