Every athlete should know these ten fatteners

Every athlete should know these ten fatteners

It’s damn hard to stay skinny these days. Even if you exercise regularly. Never before has there been such a wide variety of food. There’s an infinite number of foods that taste way too good. And, unfortunately, many other traps we can fall into. Therefore here are the 10 fatteners that everyone should know:

Obvious and not so obvious fatteners

1. Music – It sounds strange at first. But if you like listening to music while eating, you should pay attention to the selection. Studies have shown that fast rhythms make you unintentionally hasty and also make you eat considerably more. Relaxing music, on the other hand, helps you to enjoy your food more. And you also eat less unconsciously.

2. Sweets – Of course, you should keep your hands off them. So it’s best not to buy them at all. If you do have them at home, there are a few things you should consider. If sweets are always handy, you should take them on average nine times a day. If they are in the drawer, you only have to reach for them six times a day. If you are forced to get up because the sweet stuff is stored somewhere in the cupboard, it is only three times.

3. Eating standing up – Studies have shown that we eat more when we eat standing up. This has nothing to do with posture, but with the fact that we concentrate less on the meal. We eat faster and swallow the food faster. So we prefer to eat sitting down.

4. Evening – If you have a stressful job, it is a good idea to skip dinner. Unfortunately, the body has arranged it in such a way that it is much easier for us during the day. Nevertheless, it is not a good idea. Because in the evening hunger becomes overpowering and we shovel in much more than necessary.

5. Drinks – when drinking, complicated things happen in the brain. But studies have shown that the body perceives drunk calories differently than eaten ones. This is especially true with alcohol. Wine, beer, and high-proof drinks whet the appetite.

You can avoid eating fatteners

6. Sleep – People who sleep badly have a significantly higher risk of eating more. This is due to hormones, which get completely confused by the lack of sleep. Poor sleep also seriously affects the mood. And people in a bad mood eat much more than is good for them.

These fatteners are tasty but not healthy
Try to avoid these fatteners as often as possible (©adpic)

7. Food supplies – Probably the least secret fattener: Anyone who hoards sweets and snacks at home to be well prepared for unplanned visits should know that sooner or later you’ll plunder the supplies yourself. The best thing to do is to educate your friends to bring their own or drive quickly to the nearest gas station.

8. Food stocks– probably the least secret fattener: Those who hoard sweets at home to be prepared for unplanned visits should know that sooner or later they will plunder the food stocks themselves. It is best to educate your friends to bring their own.

9. Fragrances – A trick that supermarkets have been using for a long time. When it smells really good, it whets the appetite. As a result, we put more in the shopping trolley than we actually wanted. The best countermeasure: first eat well and then go shopping.

10. Buffets – meters of seduction wonderfully arranged on tables. Here it is the enormous variety that makes us eat beyond the point of satiety. So it’s best to consider beforehand what you really want to eat. Eat slowly and only put the things back on the plate that tasted best.

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