How to optimize your training with a finisher

How to optimize your training with a finisher

If you feel that it could be a bit more after a training session, you can add a finisher. Here you work for another 5 to 10 minutes at the highest intensity. This will allow you to tap into the last energy reserves and get even more out of your training. First, however, you should pay attention to a few things:

What exactly is a finisher?

A finisher is a type of metabolic conditioning. It is supposed to help you tap the vital energy source ATP more effectively. Bodybuilders also call this a drop set. They concentrate on one muscle and burn it out completely. In other words: They train until the muscle fails. You can also do a combination of cardiovascular and strength exercises to exhaust yourself completely. So, for example, make short sprints alternating with push-ups or burpees.

What are the advantages of a finisher?

In this type of training, the body is no longer able to provide sufficient oxygen. So you train in the anaerobic zone. Athletes from sports such as football, handball, volleyball, beach volleyball, and rugby benefit most from this. Of course, everyday things like climbing stairs also become much more accessible. Recent research also suggests that anaerobic exercise is good for heart health. However, anyone suffering from heart problems should definitely get the okay from their doctor and train under experienced supervision.

Finishers burn a lot of calories

One of the trendy benefits of finishers is that they burn a lot of calories quickly. This is because they lead to a phenomenon known as EPOC. EPOC is the abbreviation for “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.” Put simply, it is the desired after-burn effect after intense exercise. Briefly explained: During anaerobic training, the body produces enormous amounts of ATP to supply the muscle. Thus, after the workout, a lot of energy is needed to repair the muscle tissue. Read more here:

Who are finishers for?

Even though they only last a few minutes, finishers are a massive strain on the body. So you should definitely be healthy. For athletic beginners, it is also advisable to get the okay from a doctor, and, at least in the initial phase, it is advantageous to train under professional supervision. This is especially true for strength exercises, as movement errors quickly creep in with increasing exhaustion.

5 exercise examples for a finisher

A few training exercises

Finally, here is a shortlist of exercises that are best suited for finisher training. Choose two or more exercises and do them alternately for 5 to 10 minutes at the most. Pay attention to your body’s signals. If you are exhausted or make movement errors, then stop the training.

Speed squats

High knees


Mountain climbers

Skater jumps

Jumping jacks

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