Deadlifts are not only a great exercise for the back

Deadlifts are not only a great exercise for the back

A well-sculpted V-shaped back is a real eye-catcher. Both with clothes and without. If you want to train the muscles of your back optimally, there is no getting around deadlifts. By the way, deadlifts are also good for your back and prevent back pain. Here is everything you need to know:

Deadlifts stabilizes your body

A strong back is not only important from a health and aesthetic point of view. It also plays a decisive role in many exercises for your fitness and strength training. Not only as of the primary muscle but often also as an auxiliary muscle. The muscles you train with deadlifts also help you with other exercises. For example, you can work with heavier weights for squats, lunges, and other exercises because the extra muscles stabilize your body. These muscles are the main ones used:

  • Gluteus maximus (the large gluteal muscle)
  • Erector spine (the back extensor muscle)
  • Quadriceps (the four-headed thigh muscle)
  • the ischiocrural muscles

How to do the exercise correctly

Since you almost always work with weights when doing deadlifts, technically correct execution is essential. You should avoid a hunched back in order not to overload the intervertebral discs. You should pay attention to the following:

  • Stand upright and hip-width apart with two dumbbells or a barbell in front of your body.
  • From the waist, bend forward with your back absolutely straight. At the same time, bend your legs slightly.
  • The final position is reached when the upper body is parallel to the floor. Hold briefly and straighten up again.
  • The back of the head and back also form a straight line in each body position.
A controlled execution of movement helps to maintain the correct technique (Video: Canva)

The advantages of deadlifts

  • When doing deadlifts, you stimulate many muscle groups. This helps you to get an athletic figure faster.
  • The mechanics of the deadlift transfer to many other exercises and movements. So you get better in many areas.
  • Because so many muscle groups are used, the calorie consumption of this exercise is also above average.
  • Because of the many muscles involved, anabolic hormone production occurs during training. And that also makes you fitter.

Integrating the exercise in your workout

Like bench presses and squats, deadlifts should be an integral part of your training program. Which strength training method you use depends on your goals. Here and here, everything you need to know.

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