Increase your fitness level with the 21 repetitions workout

Increase your fitness level with the 21 repetitions workout

If you are looking for a training method that will take your fitness level to the next level, you should try 21 Repetitions. It allows you to train numerous muscle groups optimally. You set new stimuli and can improve yourself further.

How 21 repetitions works

Most fitness exercises in strength training have a specific range of motion. They range from the starting position to the end position and back to the starting position. 21 Repetitions is about dividing the range of motion in an exercise into three sections:

  • You do 7 repetitions with only the first half of an exercise. For the biceps curl, you bend your arms only to a 90-degree angle. This is followed by 90 to 180 seconds of rest, depending on the weight used.
  • Then you do 7 repetitions with the second half of the exercise. The biceps curl, bend the arm to a 90-degree angle and then turn to the stop and back to the 90-degree angle. Again, rest for 90 to 180 seconds.
  • Finally, do 7 repetitions with the full range of motion of one exercise.

How effective are 21 repetitions?

This unique and still very young form of strength training has several advantages: 21 repetitions improve your muscle strength endurance. It burns a lot of calories and helps you lose excess pounds. It also leads to what is known as muscle confusion. The different stimuli confuse the muscle, and this is a beneficial stimulus.

A small selection of exercises

Here is a small selection of exercises that are particularly suitable for the 21 repetitions method. The program is not yet ideal for beginners because you should first build up a muscle base. It is also essential to perform all exercises technically correctly. Of course, this also applies to advanced and professional users.

Skull crushers for a strong triceps

In the first set, lie on a bench and hold a barbell or two dumbbells in your hands. Hold the weight or weights up with arms outstretched and lower them to about head height at a 45-degree angle. In the second set, you perform the second phase of the exercise. Do 7 repetitions from a 45-degree angle to full flexion and back again. In the third set, you complete the entire movement.

21 repetitions for triceps
Skull crushers ensure strong triceps (ⓒadpic)

Biceps curls

You can do the exercise with dumbbells or barbells. Stand upright with a slight bend in the knees. In the first set, you do 7 repetitions up to a 90-degree angle. Then, in the second set hold the weight at a 90 degree angle, then lift the weight 7 times to full flexion. In the third set you do a full biceps curl 7 times.

Bulgarin squats

Depending on your fitness level, you can perform these efficient and challenging exercises with your own body weight or additional weight. Suitable are dumbbells in both hands or a barbell on the shoulder. If you have one, you can also use a sandbag.

  • First set: Get into the starting position and bend the front leg 7 times to about 110 degrees.
  • Second set: Return to the starting position and bend the front leg to a 110-degree angle. From this position, bend the leg 7 times to a 90-degree angle and back to a 110-degree angle.
  • Third set: Return to the starting position and do 7 repetitions with the full range of motion.
21 repetitions with bulgarian squats
Bulgarian squats are more challenging than normal squats (ⓒadpic)

Push-ups according to 21 repetitions

You get into the push-up position and bend your arms to a 110-degree angle in the first set. In the second set, you go directly into 110-degree flexion and then lower the body seven times and in the third set, you do full push-ups.

21 repetitions with push-ups
Correct movement is important despite fatigue (ⓒadpic)
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