These foods boycott your muscle workout

These foods boycott your muscle workout

Do you do a regular muscle workout, stick to a sophisticated and customized plan, and still it does not want to work with muscle building? Then you should look at what you eat and drink every day. Because there are products that boycott your goals despite the most challenging workout.

Muscle workout not without a protein-rich diet

A protein-rich diet is essential when it comes to gaining muscle mass. After a specific load, the body has to fall back on its own reserves. Proteins then ensure that everything comes back into balance. But even if you provide the body with optimal protein, the desired results can fail to materialize if you consume certain foods and beverages that should better not be on the menu. These include:

A large part of convenience foods

With a few exceptions, you should give ready-made foods a wide berth. Especially if you want to build muscles and value an athletic figure. Many of these products contain flavor enhancers and flavors, lots of unhealthy fats, almost always sugar, and usually far too much salt. In addition, they have a high glycemic index or GI for short. A high GI causes the blood sugar level to shoot up and drop rapidly again. This effect causes cravings. In addition, the vegetables contained in convenience foods contain hardly any vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. They also have only small amounts, if any, of the proteins that are so important. You save time in the kitchen, but consider the time you waste on your muscle workout.

It is better to avoid white flour altogether

The most commonly sold wheat flour in Germany is type 405 and this very finely ground white flour is considered a proper diet and muscle killer. However, wheat flour is exceptionally high in calories and has a high GI. Another disadvantage: is the excess energy is immediately stored in the fat pads. And that means Goodbye to a six-pack. The healthy and fit alternative: whole grain products, especially spelt. Whole grain products contain long-bed carbohydrates with a low GI. They keep you full for a long time and provide your body with other healthy nutrients your muscles need for hypertrophy. Therefore, they should always be your first choice.

Preferably no light products either

It was an extremely clever marketing strategist who labeled products Light. In fact, they contain no sugar and are low in calories. So why would it be better to avoid them anyway? Because the industry, in order to make them palatable, adds lots of additives. These include, above all, flavors and sweeteners. As a result, you fatally trick your body when you consume them: It thinks it’s getting energy, but it’s not. So the desired kick doesn’t happen, and again, the now-familiar happens. Your blood sugar level goes up and then drops again super fast. And now you know what happens: You get ravenous hunger. Directly after training, when your muscles are craving protein, light products are not recommended because they can not provide the necessary energy.

Too many sweets boycott your muscle workout (ⓒCanva)

Sweets make you fat, but not the muscles

Chocolate and gummy bears, cakes and pastries, nut nougat cream, and jam. They all provide energy in abundance but, unfortunately, no nutrients. So they have nothing to offer the body and your muscles except that they also trigger cravings and make you tired. By the way: ready meals, ketchup, and much more are also full of simple sugars. So if you’re going to eat sweets, fruit is best. Yes, it also contains sugar in fructose, but it also has many vitamins. Tip: In combination with protein-rich dairy products, such as cottage cheese or low-fat quark, fruit is the ideal muscle snack.

Alcohol boycotts your muscle-building training especially

For many athletes, beer is simply a must after a strenuous workout. Unfortunately, some also indulge in wine and at the weekend at parties in clubs, sometimes high-proof drinks and cocktails. If you want to build muscles, you should avoid alcohol as much as possible. The addictive substance lowers the testosterone level, which is vital for hypertrophy. In addition, alcohol increases appetite and is a real fattener.

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