Train the whole body optimally with the medicine ball

Train the whole body optimally with the medicine ball

If you are looking for a device that allows you to train the whole body, a medicine ball is the best choice. Already 120 years, the differently weighted ball is back in vogue. Another advantage: It is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

What makes the medicine ball so valuable

It comes in different sizes and weights. Formerly made of leather, it is now made of non-slip plastic material. It was used mainly for medical reasons for a long time until it finally arrived in sports. Especially among boxers, the unique ball enjoyed great popularity. In the meantime, the more or less heavy ball has become an integral part of many fitness programs.

A few buying tips

If you don’t have a medicine ball yet but are thinking about buying one, you should consider the following things: It comes in different sizes and weight classes. Regarding the size, handling plays a decisive role. It should lie well in the hands. This is usually the case with small balls, but specific exercises, such as the extended arm support, are more challenging due to the small surface area. Large balls are harder to hold, regardless of the weight. Here you also have to find a compromise in terms of your body size.

  • I recommend 4 pounds for untrained women and 8 pounds for trained women.
  • Untrained men take 6 or 8 pounds, trained men best 10 or 12 pounds.
  • Good medicine balls are available from 20 dollars.
  • If you want to train with them regularly, you should think about two or three balls of different weights.

Your training could look like this

There are many ways to train with the unique ball. You can perform a training program exclusively with the medicine ball or integrate medicine ball exercises into your program. If you want to train solely with the ball, you can choose some or all exercises listed below.

  • For beginners, 5 exercises are sufficient at first. However, advanced exercisers can do more exercise.
  • Be careful not to train the same muscle groups in two exercises in a row. Unless you want to burn them out.
  • You can train according to the traditional scheme. So 3 x 8 to 12 repetitions with 30 to 60 seconds rest. Or you do intervals. 30 seconds load and 30 seconds rest or 40 to 20 or 45 to 15.

The best medicine ball exercises

Here now is my selection of exercises with the medicine ball. I can’t repeat it often enough in the articles: Pay attention to correct movements. If you are working out alone, watch yourself in front of a mirror. If technique starts to slip during the workout, you should reduce the weight or intensity.

Upper body rotation while standing

Stand upright and shoulder-width apart. Grasp the medicine ball with your hands in a hammer grip and extend your arms forward to about shoulder height. From this position, turn to the right and left side in a controlled manner. Try to stand as stable as possible and work out of the upper body.

Upper body rotation (Video: Canva)

Russian Twist

You sit on the floor with your legs bent and take the ball in a hammer grip. Then bring your straight upper body back and lift your heels off the floor. Move the ball to the right and left with arms slightly bent forward from this position. The more you lean back with your upper body straight, the more difficult it becomes. It becomes easier with your heels up.

Russian twists (Video: Canva)


You stand upright with a medicine ball lying in front of you. Then you take the ball in both hands, straighten up and slam the ball with full force on the floor. This is a great full-body exercise that can also reduce aggression and stress.

Slams (Video: Canva)


You stand hip-width and place the medicine ball on one shoulder side. Then do squats. Take a short break and then do squats with the medicine ball on the other side.

Squats (Video: Canva)

Lunges with medicine ball above the head

A challenging exercise. You stand upright, hold the medicine ball in both hands and bring it over your head. Then you take turns making lunges forward.

Lunges with the ball above the head (Video: Canva)
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