With a barbell complex, you push your body to the limit

With a barbell complex, you push your body to the limit

A barbell complex workout is considered by fitness professionals to be the ultimate when it comes to getting the most out of your body. If you feel fit enough, you should definitely incorporate them into your workout plan. The grind can be worth it. The muscles benefit and fat melts away.

It is a very strenous workout

If you work out regularly, you know that there are programs that are quite challenging. But if you really want to push your limits, you should try a barbell complex workout. At first glance, it doesn’t look that strenuous: Just grab a barbell, put some weights on it, and off you go. But the crucial difference to conventional fitness exercises quickly becomes clear.

How barbell complex work

Barbel complex involve doing five to ten different exercises in a row, depending on your fitness level, without resting and dropping the weight. For example, you take a barbell and do a set of biceps curls, then directly bent over followed by shoulder presses. Finally, you place the barbell behind your head on your shoulder and do calf raises.

  • The exercises and repetition numbers can be arranged according to preference and ability level.
  • Descending numbers of repetitions are popular. For the first two exercises you do 12 repetitions, then for the next two exercises 10 and for the last exercise 8 repetitions.
  • You can also do several sets. But pay attention to a correct execution of the movement, despite emerging fatigue.

With barbell complexes to a well-defined body

A real Herculean task, but one that is really worthwhile: With Barbell Complexes, explosive strength, quick strength, and quick strength endurance, as well as coordination, can be optimally trained. This leads to a well-trained and well-defined body in men and women.

Barbell complex are the optimal strength-cardio mix

It’s hard to say exactly who invented this very special workout. It was probably first performed decades ago by Eastern European strength athletes. In recent years, American and also German coaches then adopted and refined the concept. Important to know:

  • A barbell complex are very demanding in terms of coordination, a great strain on the muscles. In addition, they drive pulse and blood pressure up.
  • Therefore, they are not suitable for beginners at first. Only those who are really healthy and have been exercising regularly for a long time can do them.
  • In addition, you should only do exercises that you have technically mastered. Otherwise, the risk of injury is too great or that incorrect movement patterns creep in, which sooner or later lead to health problems.
Barbell complexes
Even with exhaustion, it is important to pay attention to a good movement execution (©adpic)

Rehearse exercises with the broom style

A serious tip: Barbel Complexes lead very quickly to an over-acidification of the muscles. Performing the exercises correctly despite burning muscles and a racing heart is a great challenge. It, therefore, takes a little patience until the movement patterns have become so ingrained in the brain that they work flawlessly even under extreme stress. That’s why it makes sense to practice the exercises with a very lightweight at first. This could be a broomstick, for example. Other tips:

  • It is ideal if a certain rhythm is established. This can take several training sessions, depending on your movement talent.
  • But don’t worry: even in the light version, the Barbell Complexes are quite challenging and training effects will still occur.
  • important to know: You don’t train single muscle groups, but whole muscle chains. This changes the entire body silhouette to a very attractive appearance and of course also improves the body feeling.
  • Gradually you can make your program more demanding. First with a barbell bar without weight and finally with additional weights.

A load of 30 minutes is the maximum

However, this workout should not be scheduled more than once a week, because otherwise there is a risk of overtraining. A movement sequence with five to ten different exercise variations only takes a few minutes. Afterward, you should take a break of up to five minutes before continuing with the next round. However, longer than a total of 30 minutes is not recommended.

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