Your science-based running guide

Your science-based running guide

Do you run regularly and want to know how you can optimize your training? Then my new running guide is probably just right for you. On 136 pages, you will find all the information you need for your running training. The book is available worldwide on Amazon:

Content of your science-based running guide

Your science-based running guide

No medication can rival the beneficial effects of regular running training. Running is motivation in motion and the perfect fitness program. Whether big goals or active relaxation – if you to train effectively but still healthy, you should know a few things. This book provides the latest scientific findings on:

  • How the body reacts to training
  • Which form of training brings the greatest success
  • How to best assess the training load
  • How to avoid overtraining and injuries
  • How the best diet for runners looks like

Practice-oriented and divided into specific topics you will find everything you need to know for your running training in this book.

Your science-based running guide
Available at amazon worldwide

Chapter 1: Let me introduce you Lucy 
Supercompensation – the decisive training tool
Biorhythm and the optimal time for training
The best training time for your goals
Running before breakfast and what you need to know
Why you should run regularly

Chapter 2: Basic requirements 
You should run in good shoes
What are the benefits of compression garments?
Drinking properly during running training
What helps best against side stitches?
Stretching has been overrated for decades

Chapter 3: Training knowledge
How to find the right pace when jogging
Run cleverly with the right cadence
Optimize your training with heart rate variability
Should I run for distance or time?
Better estimate the load with the banister formula
Train smarter with the Borg-Scale
How to improve your running efficiency
How progressive endurance runs makes you better
Success formula: polarized training
Get more out of your running with fartlek
Why hill running is such a great training
How stair running can increase your performance
Tapering – running fast when it matters most
How do I know that I have trained well
Why runners should not always run
Training strength and endurance in the right order
So you get back in shape when things are not going well

Your science-based running guide

Chapter 4: Clever nutrition for runners
Probably the best nutrition for runners
How well do you cover your carbohydrate requirements
The right fats for athletes
The little protein guide
The best nutrition before a run
The best nutrition after a run
So you can recover faster with intelligent nutrition
Insider tip Vitamin K for better performance
Why gluten is not so bad

Chapter 5: Running and health
How you can avoid health problems while running
Why healthy feet are so important
What helps best if you struggle with calf pain
Why the knee is so vulnerable
Tendons and running training – what you should know
The runner disease plantar fasciitis
Runners often suffer from the piriformis syndrome
Runners and the shin splints syndrome
Bone health and running training
Running despite hay fever
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Your science-based running guide
Available at amazon wordwide
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