Fast muscle-building with these tips

Fast muscle-building with these tips

You want fast muscle-building, but your schedule doesn’t allow for hours of training? No reason to despair. It takes time and effort to put on a good set of muscles, but with the right strategy, you can build muscle quickly, even if you’re on a tight schedule.

Innovative training and good nutrition

Fast muscle-building requires two things above all: a scientifically sound training plan and a good nutrition strategy. Cleverly designed strength training is essential for rapid and effective muscle growth. The extra muscle also helps burn excess fat and reduce body fat percentage. This is especially true for the dangerous belly fat. Here are the best science-based tips to help you build muscle faster:

Focus on compound exercises

These are strength exercises that involve moving multiple joints and many muscles and muscle groups simultaneously. The best-known compound exercises are squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and pull-ups. Studies have shown that these exercises are better for fast muscle-building than exercises that target only one muscle, such as biceps curls.

Fast muscle-building through injury prevention

The headline sounds strange, but let me explain: Even the best training program won’t bring success if you get injured. And the most critical point to avoiding injuries is the correct and proper execution of movements. A stable body core is of particular importance to perform the exercises well. This is what research shows. Unfortunately, however, it is the case that around 70 percent of all gym-goers and 80ß percent of all people who exercise at home perform exercises incorrectly. So it may make sense to try working out with a personal trainer or getting advice from gym staff. Exercising with weights or too heavy resistances also increases the risk of injury.

You need to build a good base

Beginners and returning athletes should start by working with lower weights and higher repetitions. This is advisable to build a good foundation through improved strength and endurance. It is also essential to strengthen the core for stability. In fact, it is now known that it is not vital to work with high weights to build impressive muscle packs. Here is a suggested workout for exercise selection for beginners:

  • Bench press or push-ups
  • Triceps dips

Fast muscle-building with progressive overload

Studies show again and again that the principle of progressive overload is the best way to build muscle quickly. To explain: It is about continuously adapting weight, number, frequency, and sets to the individual fitness level and increasing them accordingly. For example, rising 10 percent every two to three weeks is reasonable if you train thrice a week.

You don’t have to live in the gym

You don’t have to lift weights every day. A recent study has shown that even one workout a week can be successful. However, two to three training sessions every week are better. Studies show that 6 to 10 sets per muscle group per week are ideal. The time under tension, i.e., the time the muscle is tensed should be 30 to 40 seconds per exercise. Here is an example of a weekly training plan:

  • Monday: bench press, elevated push-ups, flyes, pull-ups.
  • Wednesday: squats, deadlifts, lunges (with weights), glute bridge, leg press
  • Friday: side raises, front press, pull-ups, face pulse, bend-over rowing
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