Whole-body workout with a barbell for muscle building

Whole-body workout with a barbell for muscle building

When you think of a barbell workout, squats and bench presses probably come to mind first. But you can do a great whole-body workout with the steel bars up to two meters long. Here is a complete whole-body workout with the barbell.

An amazing flexible training tool

It’s not just a long bar to hang weights on. The barbell is a great training tool. With the right choice of exercises, you can get a great whole-body workout that uses many muscles. I have put together a small circuit training with 8 exercises. Depending on your fitness level, you can do two, three, or four rounds of 30 or 45 seconds and 15 seconds rest. Between the sets, you take a break of 30 to 120 seconds. More important than the number of repetitions is a correct and controlled execution of the movement. Have fun!

Exercise one: Upright rows

Stand upright and hip-width apart. Hold the barbell in an overhand grip. From this position pull the weight upwards along the body until the upper arms and shoulders are roughly in line. Lower the barbell in a controlled manner without reaching full extension.

Exercise 2: Forward lunge with barbell

Take the barbell in one hand and stand upright. Then take a big step forward, keeping the upper body upright. Bend the knees to a right angle. Then return to starting position in a controlled manner. Either take the barbell in the other hand after 15 seconds or, even better, take the barbell in the other hand directly after the 15-second rest and work for another 30 seconds.

Exercise 3: Hay bailers with barbell

Stand shoulder-width apart and grasp the upper end of the barbell. Then alternately bend to the right, right, and left to the side. You keep your core tense the whole time.

Exercise 4: Good Morning with barbell

Place the barbell on your shoulders, stand more than shoulder-width apart, and bend forward with your knees slightly bent and your upper body straight. Remain in this position and sometimes turn to the right, sometimes to the left.

Exercise 5: Roll outs

Kneel in front of the barbell and hold it slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Your straight upper body is already bent relatively far forward. Then slowly roll the barbell as far ahead as you can and back again.

Exercise 6: Hip extension with barbell

Lie on your back and bend your legs at right angles. Place the barbell on your lower abdomen. Then press the feet firmly into the floor and raise the pelvis until the thighs, hips and upper body form a line. Hold briefly and lower again without the buttocks touching the floor again.

Exercise 7: Bench press with leg work

Probably the most challenging exercise. Lie long on your back and grasp the barbell in a wide grip. Then simultaneously press the barbell upwards and stretch the legs until they are in a vertical position. Then lower again without putting the barbell and legs back down completely. If you have, you can also do this exercise on a trading bench.

Exercise 8: Biceps curls

The last exercise of the whole-body workout. Sit on a stool or bench, take the barbell bar in a shoulder-width grip and rest your elbows on your knees. From this position, you bend and stretch your arms.

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