Finally more muscle mass with the 3/7 method

Finally more muscle mass with the 3/7 method

There are many training philosophies in strength training. Some serious, others somewhat questionable. One particular training method for those who want to build more muscle mass is the 3/7 method. Here is everything you need to know about it:

How the 3/7 method works

Building muscle mass is a fairly complex process. When you train correctly, you trigger several cellular processes by increasing the protein content within a muscle fiber. There are roughly two ways to start these processes:

  • You work with high weights and low repetitions until the muscles are exhausted.
  • Or you work with light weights and many repetitions. But also until the muscles are exhausted.
  • Both methods lead to muscle growth during the necessary breaks in training.
  • The 3/7 method is a so-called high-volume and metabolism-controlled training protocol. It has been proven to increase strength and lead to an increase in muscle mass. A study has confirmed this.

The step-by-step guide

First of all: beginners should definitely train under the supervision and even well-trained athletes should at least train in pairs. The 3/7 method is quite strenuous, and mistakes can easily creep in when you get tired. This is how it works:

  • You complete a total of 5 sets per exercise with 70 percent of your maximum strength.
  • Start with 3 repetitions and rest for 15 seconds. Then 4 repetitions with 15 seconds rest and so on until you reach 7 repetitions.
  • Then you rest for 3 minutes before doing a second set, and after another 3 minutes, rest the third set.

A few extra-tips on the 3/7-method

For beginners, 70 percent of maximum strength is just right. If you have been strength training regularly for a long time and have a certain level, you can also train with 80 percent of your maximum strength. The workout should and must be strenuous and lead almost to complete exhaustion. It is essential to take breaks of only 15 seconds to challenge the metabolism accordingly.

What other studies say

In addition to the study mentioned above, there have been other studies in recent years. One of them was a study by the Frenchman Cedric Laurent with 38 healthy and trained men. On average, they improved their maximum strength by 29.8 percent after 8 weeks of regular training with the 3/7 method. So if you want to build up muscle mass, you should definitely try this form of exercise.

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