The best training tips for fitness beginners

The best training tips for fitness beginners

Because of the strange times we live in, the resolution to exercise regularly is one of the best ideas. But if you want to keep this resolution, you should know what to do. So here are the best tips for fitness beginners:

A wise decision

First of all, congratulations. The resolution to exercise regularly is a pretty brilliant idea. No drug can rival the beneficial effects of exercise tailored to your individual needs. You increase your life expectancy, lose excess pounds, become more resistant to stress, and push your immune system. Fitness beginners who want to write a success story should take the following tips to heart.

So much exercise is good for fitness beginners

The international professional societies agree: You should do 150 minutes of exercise every week if you are moderately fit. Or 75 minutes a week if you prefer to power through your workout. It’s best to spread this out over three training sessions on non-consecutive days. You can also train five times a week for 30 minutes, but you should pay attention to variety. For example, it is important not to train the same muscles on consecutive days. More tips for fitness beginners:

  • A combination of endurance and strength training is ideal. After a few months, you should also do balance training.
  • In the initial phase, the main focus is on training the large muscle groups. This includes legs, buttocks, abdomen, back, shoulders, and arms.
  • After a few months, you can also train more specifically and expand your range of exercises.
  • When you start jogging, the first step is to alternate between jogging and walking. Here is the optimal training plan for running beginners.

A few tips for fitness beginners

There is evidence that a morning workout is particularly effective. But not everyone likes to get up earlier. So the motto is to train when it suits you best. And always have a plan B in case something comes up. Speaking of plans, it makes sense to create a training plan. If your budget allows it, you should seek professional help. You will also find many tips on this block that will help you, especially here.

Fitness beginners can train at home
Even at home fitness beginners can train very effective (ⓒadpic)

The best places to train

With the pandemic still rampant and gyms closed, you currently have two options: Home fitness and the great outdoors. Fortunately, this is not a problem. You can also do your strength training at home. You don’t need much space. For your endurance program you can go outside. If you have one, you can also train on an ergometer. More tips for fitness beginners:

  • You can train at home with your own body weight. As a beginner, however, you should choose exercises that you know how to do.
  • When doing push-ups, don’t do the classic version right away, but rather do them on your knees first.
  • Dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands are a great help and not expensive. The training possibilities are then almost limitless.
  • If you like to train under supervision, I can recommend three free online offers: Fitnessblender and Hasfit. They offer many programs, even for fitness beginners.

This is how you deal with setbacks

As with everything in life, fitness is not a continuous process. With a good training plan, you can minimize setbacks, but there are always days when things just don’t go right. When this happens, you should listen to your body. If you feel sluggish, you should reduce your program’s intensity, and if the fatigue lasts longer, you may have overdone it. In this case, it is advisable to contact a professional.

Other important tips at a glance

  • If you have not exercised for a long time, see your doctor and get the green light before you start.
  • Set realistic goals. A six-pack in seven days is just as impossible as a marathon after three months of running.
  • Warm-up for a few minutes before each workout. Those mentioned above online offer many warm-up programs.
  • If it helps motivate you, you should find a training partner. You can then not only push each other but also correct each other if necessary.
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