EMOM – the CrossFit-Workout for the whole body

EMOM – the CrossFit-Workout for the whole body

There is an infinite number of training programs. This is a good thing because variety is important in order to have fun and regularly set new stimuli. A particularly interesting fitness variation is the EMOM workout. Depending on the duration and composition of the exercises, this CrossFit training can be a great challenge for every athlete.

The faster, the more rest

EMOM is the abbreviation for “Every Minute on the Minute”. In this special CrossFit variation, which is extremely popular with the top athletes in this discipline, you perform a different exercise every minute. The special thing about it is that the number of repetitions for each exercise is fixed in advance. If you need less than 60 seconds for the repetitions, you have a break until the full minute and then start with the next exercise. The faster you complete the repetitions, the more rest you have. This does not only sound very motivating. It is also very motivating.

EMOM trains strength and endurance

With the appropriate selection of exercises, you can determine what you want to work on. If you want to improve your aerobic and anaerobic endurance, you can do rope skipping, knee runs, burpees, jumping jacks and mountain climbers. And if you want to put more emphasis on strength, you can do push-ups, plank variations, air squats, pull-ups and the thrusters so popular with cross-fitters (see video below). But you can also combine strength and endurance very well.

Popular CrossFit exercise: The Thruster (Source: CrossFit)

EMOM needs realistic repetition numbers

You can vary your EMOM workout to suit your abilities. Beginners are best started with a maximum ten-minute program. Advanced users and cracks can also train up to 30 minutes. It is important to have realistic repetition numbers for individual exercises because it is can be frustrating if you don’t manage them in the 60 seconds. A little experience is required here. Here you will find a number of training examples for different fitness levels.

You have to pay attention to the correct technique

EMOM a great challenge for the body. Nevertheless, it is very important that you pay attention to a good and correct technique in all exercises. This should be a matter of course, but as you get more tired, even squats can become a challenge. It is best to train under supervision, with a partner or in a group. Then you can correct each other. If the technique suffers, you have to reduce the number of repetitions. What can also happen with EMOM is that you fall into pressurized breathing. This cannot always be avoided under extreme exertion. But try to keep breathing as much as possible.

Example program for fit EMOM newcomers

For all those who do sports regularly, are healthy and want to do EMOM for the first time, the American Society for Physical Education has developed a program that I would like to present here. Before you start, you should warm-up for five to ten minutes. For the following exercises, you need two dumbbells and a skipping rope. There are 7 exercises in total. If you are less fit you can do only one round, if you are more fit you can do two or three rounds. The break between the rounds is then 5 minutes. Have fun!

First exercise: curtsy lunges, 24 repetitions

Stand upright and hip-wide. Then bring one leg back so that the lower legs cross. The back knee almost touches the ground. The front knee and front ankle form a line. Every side counts.

Second exercise: Push-ups, 12 repetitions

Put yourself in the push-up position and make sure your body is straight. Then lower your straight upper body until your nose almost touches the floor. Then push up again in a controlled manner.

Third exercise: Bent over rowing, 30 repetitions

You hold a sufficiently heavy dumbbell in each hand, stand with your feet pointing slightly outwards. Then bend your knees and move your straight upper body forward. As in rowing, move the dumbbells towards your upper body and lower them again without completely losing the tension.

Fourth exercise: Burpees, 10 repetitions

Lie stretched out on the floor. Then move into the lower push-up position, push yourself up and make a forward jump with your feet. From this position, you start directly with a stretched jump. Crouch down again, in the push-up position, lie down again and lift your hands briefly in the completely lying position. Then start again from the beginning. It is important to have a flowing movement and constant body tension.

Fifth exercise: Squats with shoulder press, 15 repetitions

Take a sufficiently heavy dumbbell in each hand and lead it with bent arms up to head height. Then stand shoulder-wide, bend your knees, push yourself up in a controlled manner and stretch your arms upwards. Lower again, hold dumbbells at head height and squat down again.

Sixth exercise: Planks with shoulder taps, 20 repetitions

You put yourself in the push-up position and bent your arms only very slightly. From this position you alternately touch your shoulder with your left and right hand. Try to keep your upper body as straight and steady as possible.

Seventh exercise: Jump rope, 75 exercises

The last exercise is jump ropes with the shortest possible ground contact times.

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