How long should a whole-body workout last?

How long should a whole-body workout last?

Our body has 639 muscles. Not all of them are important for an athletic figure. Nevertheless, it makes sense to train most of them. Of course, this works best with a whole-body workout. But how long should a training session last in each case to achieve good results? Here are the answers:

How many times a week should I workout?

There are several answers to the question in the headline: Firstly, it depends on how good in shape you are and how many months or even years you have been training. Next, you need to answer the question of what you want to achieve with a full-body workout. What are your goals? And, not unimportantly, how much time do you want to invest in your training? Most fitness enthusiasts train two or three times a week on non-consecutive days. The training duration is between 45 minutes and two hours. This is recommended depending on your fitness level and goals. If you want to train more often, you can shorten the training time. However, it is not always advisable to do a full-body workout. It makes more sense to concentrate on the upper body one day and the lower body the next. Because:

  • Trained muscles need about 48 hours to regenerate optimally.
  • You can adjust the weights every two to three weeks.
  • For optimal muscle growth, you should work until muscle exhaustion.
  • Even with fatigue, technically correct execution is essential.

Overall fitness or visible muscle growth?

This question is fundamental regarding the duration of your fitness program. If you are looking for muscle growth, you need to invest more time in each session. For 60 to 120 minutes, three times a week will give you the best results. If you don’t have or don’t want to invest that much time, it will take a little longer to see visible results. First tip: You can save time and build muscle effectively with supersets. If you are more interested in general fitness, 30-60 minutes three times a week can be enough. Tip: No matter how often and how long you train, it is advisable to train your endurance regularly. Twice a week for 30 to 50 minutes of aerobic endurance is ideal.

How many sets are advisable for a whole-body workout?

Before I detail this question, an important note: Sporty beginners or those starting again build up muscles quite quickly. After the first signs of adaptation, it takes longer and longer after about four to six weeks of regular training. You should be prepared for this. When it comes to sets in a full-body workout, the following general rules apply:

  • Three sets of 8 to 12 repetitions with a set rest of 30 to 180 seconds.
  • Beginners start with 60 to 70 percent of maximum strength.
  • Advanced exercisers can work with 80 percent of the one-repetition maximum.

Good strength training methods for a whole-body workout

In addition to the training described above, there are many other methods of building muscle. Studies have confirmed their effectiveness, and they take different amounts of time. You should try out which one is right for you. Hint: They are not suitable for beginners. Here is an overview:

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